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At King's Church, we believe that we are called to give our time, talents, and money in order to serve God.  We always need the help of volunteers on the teams that cover the children's ministry, the welcome, tea/coffee and worship. If you feel able to help in giving your time and talents in these areas then click below and our administrator Mags would love to help you.




The Bible also teaches us to give regular “tithes and offerings to the Lord” (Nehemiah 10; Malachi 3; Matthew 23:23). The Bible teaches that our giving, is always optional and voluntary, and each one should give only within their means. 

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Giving Financially

The Church relies on donations and offerings to fund our regular church work, worship, staff, ministries and donations to mission partners. Giving financially is an important part of our worship.

If you would like to give, please consider the following options.


1.    Payment via Standing Order of Bank Transferred (our preferred method of giving)


You can complete a Standing Order Mandate form or make a Bank Transfer (using the bank details on these forms).  Forms are also available on the offering table at the back of church, or from the church office.


View and download Standing Order Mandate for King’s Church.

2. We can take online payments via PayPal so if you would prefer to pay by this method please click on the button below -

3.    Payment via Cheque

You can make a cheque payment made payable to Kings Church Darlington and leave it in the offering baskets on a Sunday morning or send it to:


King’s Church Darlington

The King’s Centre

Whessoe Road





Gift Aid


If you pay income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that King’s Church Darlington can reclaim on your donations/offering in the tax year you might like to consider completing a gift aid form. (Currently we can claim back 25p for every £1.00 you give). For further information please see our Gift Aid information form below.


Your gift aid can be cancelled at any time by notifying our administrator Mags.

Gift Aid Information

Gift Aid Form

Volunteers are priceless, and we could not function without them.  if you would like to become one of volunteers within King's Furniture, King's Café or King's Foodbank, please click the link below.


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