John Sermon Series: Episode 12 – Jesus Turns Over The Temple (Mark McKnight)

19th May 2019

In the last of our sermon series from the start of the book of John, Mark McKnight (part of our leadership team) takes us through John 2: 13-25 – Jesus Turns Over The Temple. Or to give the message Mark’s title: 10 Tips To Becoming A Superfan.

John Sermon Series: Episode 9 – Water Into Wine (Mark McKnight)

14th April 2019

Mark McKnight (our youth worker and part of our leadership team) leads us through the story of Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine from John 2: 1-12. Unfortunately there was a technical hitch which meant the message wasn’t recorded. If you want to read Mark’s notes then click this link.

John Sermon Series: Episode 8 – Prepare The Way Of The Lord (Sally Hillsdon)

31st March 2019

Sally Hillsdon (who with her husband Phil leads King’s Church Darlington), goes a little bit off piste today and takes us through Isaiah 40:3-5; the voice of one calling in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord. How does that fit with our current series on John? This prophetic passage from Isaiah not only describes the preparation for the visit of a king, but also looked forward to John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness to prepare for Jesus the Messiah. It doesn’t quite fit with the rest of our series but this was a challenging and emotional message from Sally.

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